Fusion Drift

Where gaming drifts into reality

Experience the ultimate fusion of physical excitement and digital fun? Say hello to Fusion Drift, the groundbreaking concept that’s taking the world of real-life gaming to a whole new level!

The story

Fusion Drift – formerly known as House of Karts – is a complete concept including game play, software and a custom drift ride and themed location. Watch the video to see what Fusion Drift is all about.

The Game

Fusion Drift is a revolutionary blend of cutting-edge technology and custom made drifting, designed to redefine your idea of fun and excitement. Imagine strapping into a specially designed drift ride, feeling the adrenaline rush as you drift around corners and zoom down straights, just like a real-life racing pro.


But that’s not all! Fusion Drift adds a digital dimension to your drifting adventure. With our state-of-the-art gamification system, you can level up your experience like never before. Boost your speed, take aim, and fire virtual projectiles at your opponents as you navigate the thrilling track. It’s like stepping into your very own video game, only this time, you’re the star of the show!

Collect points to win the game

The Drift

Fusion Drift is the perfect blend of technology and immersion fused into a custom designed Drift. Made by The Grid Racing in The Netherlands and one of a kind.

Modestly sized, 100% electric drift ride with unique elements
Highly durable design, produced to last, TUV approved
Unique drifting mechanism on a three wheel chassis
Swappable battery, no second fleet required
Hand-controlled brake and throttle, accommodating both shorter and taller players
Four buttons control all game play and activate power-ups
7” LCD screen shows ranking, incoming events, inventory and scores
Vorige slide
Volgende slide

The Location

Fusion Drift is live in Utrecht, The Netherlands since 2021 and about to go live in Stolberg, Germany at MS Drift and Fun. Would you like to be the next? 

Feel free to experience our real life drifting game on our locations in Europe or check our 3D model to see what a Fusion Drift location looks like. These 3D photo’s are taken at The Team Building in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Click on the colored tags to read the explaination behind all elements in the photo.


Fusion Drift in the media

Fusion Drift – formerly known as House of Karts – has been the subject of many media displays. It has in newspapers, on the radio in magazines and on famous social media accounts. Here is an item from Ziggo Sport Race Cafe with famous Dutch drivers Rob Kamphues, Robert Doornbos, Renger van der Zande, and Rob van Gameren in which they try out the game for themselves!

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